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pittsburgh public theater

directed by ted pappas

as the emcee

"Harris Doran is a baby-faced Emcee with protean talent Doran's pungent cabaret turns provide both performance electricity and a sour/shocking commentary on the story's doomed relationships." - Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Harris Doran tackles the role of the Emcee with an exhilaration and energy that is palpable. He guides the production without taking over. In open tuxedo jacket with bow tie askew, leather chaps and jockstrap, and fishnet sleeves, he bares nearly all as he prances around the three-sided stage, getting as close as possible to the audience as he sets the stage immediately with the opening song 'Willkommen.'" - Ann Miner, Talkin Broadway

"[Harris Doran is] devilishly seductive" - Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"The excesses include strong leads; for instance, Harris Doran as the very watchable Emcee. He is invitingly uninhibited in his risqu--eacute opening, the career defining "Willkommen," where he flashes a hairy derriere, as if any more proof is needed of his daring flair." - Bob McDowell, New Castle News

CBS Morning Show interview with Harris Doran & Tari Kelly

Cabaret Radio Spot

(in order of appearance)
Master of Ceremonies.....Harris Doran
Sally Bowles.....Tari Kelly
Clifford Bradshaw.....Daniel Krell
Ernst Ludwig.....Carrington Vilmont
Herr Schultz.....Scott Robertson
Fraulein Kost.....Lenora Nemetz
Fraulein Schneider.....Brooks Almy
Kit Kat Girls.....Leasen Beth Almquist, Renee Monique Brown, Daina Michelle Griffith, Stephanie Lynn Nelson & Carol Schuberg
Max.....Greg Roderick
Ensemble.....Nicholas Ardell, Joe Domencic, & Marcus Stevens




stephanie lynn nelson & harris doran


"Happy New Year!"

two ladies
renee monique brown, harris doran & stephanie lynn nelson

stephanie lynn nelson, daina michelle griffith, harris doran, renee monique brown & leasen almquist

kick line

if you could see her

if you could see her
leasen almquist & harris doran

i don't care much





The O'Reilly Theater Transformed

zee kit kat klup