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connecticut rep (world premiere) / ivoryton playhouse
a new play by mike reiss (write/producer The Simpsons, The Lorax)

as marc


Memorable Moments, Performances of 2011 Connecticut Theater Scene - Hartford Courant
"Jerry Adler and Harris Doran in Connecticut Rep’s "I’m Connecticut."

"Marc (played winningly by Harris Doran)...The cast does well with some old and new pros with pitch-perfect timing, starting with Doran who wins the audience's heart as well." - Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant

"Marc (a wry and likable Harris Doran)"
- - Frank Rizzo, Variety

Marc.....Harris Doran
Grandpa.....Jerry Adler
Judith/Polly.....Joyce Dewitt
Diane.....Gwen Hollander
Kyle.....Gino Costabile
Manager.....Bill Mootos

Benjamin M. Algar, Torie Chiappa, Rebecca Goodwin, Dene Hill, Michael Hotkowski, Rebecca R. Maddy, Casey McKeon, Norman Rutty, Elizabeth Talbot

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