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playwrights horizons's
peter jay sharp theater

a new comedy by kenny solms

directed by daniel kutner
choreography by wendy seyb

special material
music by larry grossman, lyrics by ryan cunningham

as myles

"Harris Doran, grabbing most of the laughs with his droll delivery."
- Marilyn Stasio, Variety

"The rest of the cast is energetic and perfectly able, notably Harris Doran as Louie's slacker-type assistant"
- Jennifer Farrar, The Associated Press

"Scolari is joined on stage by notable theatre actors...the strongest are...Harris Doran as Louie's assistant"...
- David Gordon, NY Theatre

"Harris Doran brings subtle physical humor to the role of Louieļæ½s assistant"
- Eileen Reynolds, The Jewish Daily Forward

"Myles, played with droll deliciousness by Harris Doran."
- Andrew C. McGibbon, The Andy Gram

Ana.....Liz Torres
Louie.....Peter Scolari
Scott.....Patrick Cummings
Rose.....Alice Playten
Leo.....Bob Ari
Mark/Eddie.....Jonathan C. Kaplan
Joan.....Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Myles.....Harris Doran
Brenda/Hildy.....Jessica Tyler Wright
Pete.....Ryan Duncan
Ross.....John Treacy Egan
Ty.....Edward Staudenmayer

peter scolari + cast