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new york music theatre festival
book/music/lyrics by megan gogerty
directed by hilary adams

as jerry


2008 NYMF AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE: Outstanding Individual Performance

Talkin' Broadway 2008 Summer Theatre Festival Citation: Outstanding Actor (Male)

Patrick Lee - Outstanding Performances of 2008
"In Love Jerry, at NYMF, Harris Doran and Donna Lynne Champlin stunned with the intensity and truthfulness of their emotionally raw performances."


"Doran is a revelation, committing fearlessly to "Move Closer," a harrowingly honest song. The cast give committed, fiercely brave performances."
- Patrick Lee, Theatermania

"Doran never condescends to or judges Jerry, but unlocks all the pent-up longing and simmering loneliness that made him who he is; he also refuses to settle for easy answers, guarding certain game-changing secrets (the true nature of Jerry's sexuality chief among them) with a suffocating intensity."
- Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

"...both Arbogast and Doran are strong performers. Doran, in particular, has a little-boy appeal that make his dangerous undertones feel even more shocking."
- Julia Furay, CurtainUp

"[A] moving performance from Harris Doran as the tormented Jerry."
- Ron Cohen, Backstage

"Harris Doran is outstanding at capturing the tortured heart of Jerry. Doran's portrayal is honest and he does a great job playing such a complex character. He moves easily from rational adult to the childlike qualities of someone with emotional problems. Doran has a beautiful voice and I was really moved by him in the songs "I Can Teach You" and "Love/Poison."
- Roger Nasser,

(in order of appearance)
Mrs. Harris.....Katrina Yaukey
Jerry.....Harris Doran
Kate.....Donna Lynne Champlin
Mike.....J.T. Arborgast
Clowny.....Jonas Cohen
Shiela.....Annalyse McCoy

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jonas cohen, donna lynne champlin, katrina yaukey, annalyse mccoy
j. t. arbogast, harris doran

jonas cohen,
harris doran, katrina yaukey

harris doran, jonas cohen

annalyse mccoy, harris doran

harris doran, donna lynne champlin

annalyse mccoy, harris doran

katrina yaukey, harris doran

j. t. arbogast, harris doran

j. t. arbogast, harris doran

harris doran, katrina yaukey