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deaf west theatre

directed by jeff calhoun

as the artful dodger

george mcdaniel, harris doran and joshua ari soudakoff

Theatre LA Ovation Award Nomination: Best Featured Actor In A Musical

"Doran is quite effective as the swaggering, scampish Dodger who first invites Oliver into Fagin's den of thieves."
- Julio Martinez, Variety

"As the Artful Dodger, a street thug who befriends young Oliver, Harris Doran gave one of my favorite performances. He was such fun to watch and hear. His cockney accent was spot on. I could go on forever, but space won't allow. "
- Pat Tayor, The Tolucan Times

"But there are three performances in this Oliver! that deserve special praise. As the Artful Dodger, New York transplant Harris Doran proves the West Coast's gain; he is a gifted musical comedian with a real knack for Fosse-like slithering, as his Dodge often does around the outskirts of the stage."
- Travis Michael Holder, Entertainment Today