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WINNER: Jury Award "Breakout Performance," Auden Thornton, LA Film Festival 
WINNER: Best Ultra Indie Film Award, Woodstock Film Festival
WINNER: Best Narrative Feature Audience Award, Austin Film Festival
WINNER: Best Narrative Feature, San Luis Obispo Int'l Film Festival
WINNER: Best Feature Film, SENE Film Music & Art Festival
WINNER: Best Actress, Auden Thornton, SENE Film Music & Art Festival
NOMINATED: US Fiction Film, LA Film Festival
NOMINATED: Twin Cities Film Fest, Best Feature Film
NOMINATED: Twin Cities Film Fest, Best Performance, Auden Thornton
NOMINATED: St. Louis International Film Festival, New Filmmakers Award
NOMINATED: Bahamas International Film Festival, New Visions Award
NOMINATED: Annapolis Film Festival, Best Narrative Feature
SHORTLISTED: Film Independent Spirit Award, Someone To Watch Award, Harris Doran

“Powerful film. Survivors must no longer be silent” - Ashley Judd

"Powerful and gut wrenching." -- Jane Seymour

"Dealing with the trauma of childhood sexual abuse in a way rarely if ever seen onscreen... Thanks to a strong performance by star Auden Thornton, it pushes through despair and could attract attention at art houses, with appeal stretching beyond the abuse-survival community." - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“an exceptional piece of cinema” - Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

“Auden Thornton... earning her LAFF Special Mention for Breakout Performance nod many times over for her convincingly raw performance” - Reggie Peralta, FilmBook

“The indie-drama ‘Beauty Mark’ will take viewers on an emotional journey that will most likely stick with them days after watching it... an intense plot that will enthrall audiences until the credits roll.” - Adriana Hymovitz, SoCal Muse

“Thornton's extraordinary performance conjures such powerful emotional  horror and desperation, that audiences have little choice but to be carried along with her into the dramatic vortex of her unrelenting plight.” - Prairie Miller, WBAI-FM

WINNER: Why So Blu, Best of Fest, LA Film Festival: Jeff Kober, Best Actor


Harris' writer/director debut Short Film





Harris has been named by Backstage as one of this year's BACKSTAGE 30

"For the Backstage 30 - our second annual list of 30 actors on the verge of career breakthroughs - we strive for objectivity. We ask casting directors, talent reps, and studio and network executives to recommend actors who are on their radars but not on the public's. Then we factor in social-media scores and rank the top 30 actors."


Feature Film

Winner: Best Supporting Actor, Long Island International Film Expo

Winner: Best Ensemble Cast, ReelheART International Film Festival

"Yet the show stealer of this fab four is perhaps Harris Doran. He has some pretty great lines, and in lesser hands they’d plunk, and possibly derail the storyline. Yet, his acting choices are so untelegraphed, at the end, you have nothing to say but wow."
- Emily Blunt, Blunt Review

"Neal Bledsoe and Harris Doran are particularly good as Donald and Spot. These are the two who lose control the most in the film and they are so believable and the two of them are really quite terrifying in their characters."
Nicki Newton-Plater, Movie Critical


Feature Film

Special Jury Mention for Acting Ensemble: Feature

"talented cast"... "One of the funnier threads in the film is Eugene's (Harris Doran) search for "meatless meat" for the barbecue..."
- John Anderson, Variety


Connecticut Repertory Theatre

Memorable Moments, Performances of 2011 Connecticut Theater Scene - Hartford Courant
"Jerry Adler and Harris Doran in Connecticut Rep’s "I’m Connecticut."

"Marc (played winningly by Harris Doran)...The cast does well with some old and new pros with pitch-perfect timing, starting with Doran who wins the audience's heart as well."
- Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant

"Marc (a wry and likable Harris Doran)"
- Frank Rizzo, Variety

"With machine gun jokes and flashy videos, the biggest concern could be the performers getting lost in the shuffle. Mercifully, this never occurs thanks to a top-notch cast led by Harris Doran... Doran ably walks the tricky balance of getting laughs, getting victimized and earning some pathos in the process."
- Jacques Lamarre, Broadwayworld


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

"Harris Doran, grabbing most of the laughs with his droll delivery"
- Marilyn Stasio, Variety

"The rest of the cast is energetic and perfectly able, notably Harris Doran as Louie's slacker-type assistant"
- Jennifer Farrar, The Associated Press

"Scolari is joined on stage by notable theatre actors...the strongest are...Harris Doran as Louie’s assistant"...
- David Gordon, NY Theatre

"Harris Doran brings subtle physical humor to the role of Louie’s assistant"
- Eileen Reynolds, The Jewish Daily Forward

"Myles, played with droll deliciousness by Harris Doran."
- Andrew C. McGibbon, The Andy Gram


Gateway Playhouse

"As Freddy, Harris Doran does an excellent job, filling easily the scuffed shoes of Norbert Leo Butz, who co-starred in the original and went on to star in the national company. His singing voice is strong and true... Mr. Doran matches Mr. Piscopo in comic takes and establishes his own comic identity."
- Lee Davis, The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

"Harris Doran, as the rough and very ready Freddy Benson, brings frenetic energy to his role and he was undoubtedly the star of this evening as he had the audience in fits of laughter."
- Roy Bradbrook, Dan's Hamptons Paper

"From the show's beginning, there is excellent work going on [from] Harris Doran, who plays Freddy. Mr. Doran's overall charm makes Freddy adorable, whether he's pretending to be a prince's deranged brother or a heartbroken serviceman in a wheelchair."
- Anita Gates, The New York Times



2008 NYMF AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE: Outstanding Individual Performance

Talkin' Broadway 2008 Summer Theatre Festival Citation: Outstanding Actor (Male)

Patrick Lee - Outstanding Performances of 2008
"In Love Jerry, at NYMF, Harris Doran and Donna Lynne Champlin stunned with the intensity and truthfulness of their emotionally raw performances."

2008 NYMF AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE: Outstanding Ensemble Performance

"Doran is a revelation, committing fearlessly to "Move Closer," a harrowingly honest song. The cast give committed, fiercely brave performances."
- Patrick Lee, Theatermania

"Doran never condescends to or judges Jerry, but unlocks all the pent-up longing and simmering loneliness that made him who he is; he also refuses to settle for easy answers, guarding certain game-changing secrets (the true nature of Jerry's sexuality chief among them) with a suffocating intensity."
- Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

"...both Arbogast and Doran are strong performers. Doran, in particular, has a little-boy appeal that make his dangerous undertones feel even more shocking."
- Julia Furay, CurtainUp

"[A] moving performance from Harris Doran as the tormented Jerry."
- Ron Cohen, Backstage

"Harris Doran is outstanding at capturing the tortured heart of Jerry. Doran's portrayal is honest and he does a great job playing such a complex character. He moves easily from rational adult to the childlike qualities of someone with emotional problems. Doran has a beautiful voice and I was really moved by him in the songs "I Can Teach You" and "Love/Poison."
- Roger Nasser,


Pittsburgh Public Theatre

"Harris Doran is a baby-faced Emcee with protean talent Doran's pungent cabaret turns provide both performance electricity and a sour/shocking commentary on the story's doomed relationships."
- Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Harris Doran tackles the role of the Emcee with an exhilaration and energy that is palpable. He guides the production without taking over. In open tuxedo jacket with bow tie askew, leather chaps and jockstrap, and fishnet sleeves, he bares nearly all as he prances around the three-sided stage, getting as close as possible to the audience as he sets the stage immediately with the opening song 'Willkommen.'"
- Ann Miner, Talkin' Broadway

"[Harris Doran is] devilishly seductive"
- Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"The excesses include strong leads; for instance, Harris Doran as the very watchable Emcee. He is invitingly uninhibited in his risqu--eacute opening, the career defining "Willkommen," where he flashes a hairy derriere, as if any more proof is needed of his daring flair."
- Bob McDowell, New Castle News


Pittsburgh Public Theatre

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Outstanding Individual Acting Achievement: Leading Actor

"As you'd expect from having seen his Emcee in last year's "Cabaret," Doran deftly handles Mozart's turn from ribald comedy to growing despair."
- Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Pittsburgh Public Theatre

"Harris Doran [is a] slyly subversive Puck, a sardonic master of misrule."
- Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Harris Doran's rendition of Puck is strikingly natural and captivating."
- Brian Tierney, The Duquesne Duke



"It is admirably clear, even transparent... in its inarguably fine execution by an exceptional cast of nine"
- Rob Kendt, The New York Times

"Flawless cast" "The performers in this star-packed cast all shine with equal brightness"
- Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

"Top-notch production" "Fine work by... Harris Doran"
- Ron Cohen, BackStage

"Harris Doran... do[es] outstanding work"
- Elyse Sommer, CurtainUp


La MaMa

Innovative Theatre Award Nomination: Outstanding Ensemble


Deaf West Theatre

Ovation Award Nomination: Featured Actor in a Musical

"Doran is quite effective as the swaggering, scampish Dodger who first invites Oliver into Fagin's den of thieves."
- Julio Martinez, Variety

"As the Artful Dodger, a street thug who befriends young Oliver, Harris Doran gave one of my favorite performances. He was such fun to watch and hear. His cockney accent was spot on. I could go on forever, but space won't allow. "
- Pat Tayor, The Tolucan Times

"But there are three performances in this Oliver! that deserve special praise. As the Artful Dodger, New York transplant Harris Doran proves the West Coast's gain; he is a gifted musical comedian with a real knack for Fosse-like slithering, as his Dodge often does around the outskirts of the stage."
- Travis Michael Holder, Entertainment Today